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Bundle rate increases $20/month for months 13 24.

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Smart locks use standard pre drilled holes and are fairly easy to install.

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There are steep early termination fees, but if you go with Nest Secure, there is an alternative month to month plan.

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These plans give you the ability to get the protection you want.

security systems alarm

Yes — Xfinity can back up the promise of being a complete solution. Its buildable home system offers equally strong capabilities for both security and automation. The seamless experience of having your entertainment, security, and automation needs met by one company is mirrored in the delightful simplicity of integrated controls. Through the Xfinity Home app you can adjust the lights, monitor security footage, and turn up the heat before you get home. These automation abilities are made possible through partner devices like Nest thermostats or GE lighting. And while the extensive options for add on equipment offer all the conveniences of a modern smart home, you can go basic with Xfinity’s starter equipment — just sensors and a control center.

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If you have them you can have the motion from one trigger the other.

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